The Ethiopia Evaluation Association (EEvA) is a network of individuals, groups and organizations that have come together and have an interest in all matters related to program evaluation. Members join the EEvA network to share news, information, and opinions about program evaluation as it affects them which is conducted and used in Ethiopia.The Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA) was established in 2009 by the assistance of UNICEF and re registered in 2010 with certificate number 1478 by FDRE Charities and Societies Agency.

    EEvA History
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Intentionality , Impartiality, Integrity, Quality and Transparency

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Social Media

You can find us on linked in, Facebook, tweeter for live discussion and knowledge exchange forum

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25075 code 1000, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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eeva2000@hotamil.com contact us using our Facebook page

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EEVA Office Address

Our office located Bole sub city woreda 2 house number 234